Gloria Steinem bases a case on very little

Here’s Gloria Steinem, arguing among other things that the presidential race this year tracks American history: black people got the right to vote before women did, and it looks like a black candidate may win the nomination before a woman does.

I hope someone points out to her that just because black people technically got the right to vote in the 1800’s, they didn’t practically get it until the Voting Rights Act in 1965. Whereas women both technically and practically had it as of 1920.

I submit that Hillary is losing because she’s not a charming candidate, and she’s widely perceived as an empty suit that’s ready to be filled with whatever will help her climb the ladder of power. Obama is winning because he’s charming, because his morals seem to be in the right place, and because of his opposition to the War in Iraq.

A lot of this may be tied up with anti-feminist baggage, but that’s not the first place I’d look. And Steinem’s argument rests on a very thin reed — namely that a woman’s second-place finish to a black man is of a piece with our nation’s history. Take out that peg of her argument, and I don’t know how much is left.

One thought on “Gloria Steinem bases a case on very little

  1. What worries me is that some women, perhaps especially younger ones, hope to deny or escape the sexual caste system; thus Iowa women over 50 and 60, who disproportionately supported Senator Clinton, proved once again that women are the one group that grows more radical with age.

    So younger women who voted for either of the 2 more liberal candidates who beat Hillary in Iowa are hidebound and older women who vote for the wife of a 2 term president who’s been on the political scene for 35 years and is running on her vast amount of experience and insider knowledge are “radical”?

    This just reads like sour grapes that Steinem’s candidate placed 3rd in 1 early caucus.

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