jQuery and XMLHttpRequest objects — May 31, 2010

jQuery and XMLHttpRequest objects

I’m trying to find an answer to this, but the web has been remarkably unforthcoming. This includes the usually stellar Stack Overflow. Here’s what’s going on:

* I’ve gotten comfortable in jQuery over the past few months. It is awesome.
* I’ve just started playing with XMLHttpRequest objects (i.e.,“Ajax”).
* jQuery has a few methods to help you do XMLHttpRequest calls, e.g., .get() and the lower-level .ajax().
* If a .get() request succeeds, you can attach a success callback to it. The arguments handed to the callback include the XMLHttpRequest object itself.
* XMLHttpRequest objects, according to the spec, have a getAllResponseHeaders() method.
* It would seem to follow, then, that the XMLHttpRequest object in jQuery.get() and jQuery.ajax() would also contain a getAllResponseHeaders() method. If it does, I can’t get Firebug to print its results; it only tells me “null.” Null is a kind of sadness.
* Other pages, including the Stack Overflow one that I mentioned, indicate that other people have had this same problem. But no one seems to have solved it. So I’m putting the description up here; when I solve it, I will contribute to the world’s stock of knowledge, and a great light will shine forth upon the land. Hosannas, etc.