Perhaps this is a far-fetched idea, but let’s toss it out anyway: it occurs to me that I probably don’t have time in my schedule to get a master’s degree in computer science, but I’ve wanted for a long time to get one. I don’t have time because, as it is, I routinely work at my job until 8 or 9 at night. As I get more proficient at what I do, I expect I’ll work less, but at least for a while there’s just no way that I could do a job *and* get a master’s *and* be a reasonably good boyfriend *and* take regular trips up to New Hampshire to spend time with my girlfriend’s kids. Oh, *and* sleep.

So. That having been determined, I should spend the next few months/years building up master’s-level proficiency on my own. I should read books, watch videos, and write a lot of code on my own. A good master’s program will build a lot of theory as well, which means a lot of math. Historically, I’ve not been very good at learning math at an abstract level — but if I can code it up (e.g., writing a crypto algorithm), I can probably internalize it quickly.

Can anyone recommend a curriculum for my self-taught computer-science master’s degree? Recommend books? Recommend the sort of programming projects that one would encounter in a good master’s program?