As I think of them, I’ll add notes here on what I want to add to Eclipse. Eclipse is really pretty fantastic, and it’s 90% of the way to feeling like a really comfortable tool for me. Here’s what would make it perfect. Since it’s an open-source tool, I should be able to fix it.

1. Sometimes — but not always — you can Select All in the Project Explorer. When you can’t, you can click the first project in the list, then shift-click to the last project in the list. I submit that if that is possible, then Select All ought to be possible.
2. Periodically, Eclipse or Maven or m2eclipse or somesuch will have a mild freakout: *I can’t build project X until I get project Y!* But it’s just that project Y is closed. So: *get the various plugins to open project Y when necessary.*
3. run-jetty-run ought to honor the pom.xml, specifically the XML directive that tells jetty to use a specific port.
4. Command+Shift+R (under OS X)/Ctrl+Shift+R (everywhere else, I guess) doesn’t let your cursor keys wrap around the list control. My cursor starts at the top of the list of matching resources; I should be able to press the up arrow to go to the bottom-most matching resource, and vice versa.

Much larger than mere nits:

1. I wish Eclipse worked at all for Python development. I don’t know anyone who’s had good luck with Pydev, though maybe I need to give it another shot.
2. I wish Eclipse integrated better with FreeMarker: syntax highlighting, proper indenting and reformatting, jumping from macros to their definitions and their uses within your workspace, etc.
3. There are times when the only way I can unbreak my m2eclipse environment is by dropping to the command line and running various incantations like `mvn clean install eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse`. I should never have to drop to the command line (that’s the point of an IDE, no?), but much smarter people than me say that they’ve never been able to control Maven flawlessly from inside Eclipse.