…but it’s a little sparse at the moment. Does anyone have any interesting additions?

Granted, my criteria are fairly arbitrary/idiosyncratic. I love the Sligo in Davis Square (I watched the Sox win the ALCS in 2004 from there), but it’s a dive bar, and I don’t think it really fits here. Cambridge Brewing Company is on there even though it’s all about the beer and not about the cocktails. People might like The Burren, but I don’t, so it’s not on there. Etc.

I guess what I’m probably after are just nice bars that take the quality of their drinks seriously, and are reasonably close to a T stop — though that’s also not strictly enforced: Sarma and La Brasa are fairly distant from the T.

Anyway, if you’re into my arbitrary standards, and you’d like to contribute to a Steve Laniel-Approved Map Of Boston Drinking, you should.