Steve Martin's head poking out between what look like wooden-floor slats, with red curtains opening around his head and a pencil leaning against his right temple. He's a playwright, i.e.

Do you not know Steve Martin? You should know Steve Martin. He is a brilliant comedian; go listen to [album: Comedy Is Not Pretty!] or [album: Let’s Get Small].

Once you’ve listened to his albums, maybe you’ll want to know how he came up with material that still feels fresh and weird 37 years later. For that, go read his fascinating essay in [mag: Smithsonian Magazine].

Not enough? Okay, go listen to him play banjo; you get some of that on his comedy albums. Or you can listen to a full album of songs.

Or see him in funny films like [film: L.A. Story], or somewhat dramatic ones like [film: The Spanish Prisoner].

Or, finally, read the genuinely moving plays in [book: Picasso at the Lapin Agile]. Or see them on stage, if you’re that lucky (I’ve not yet been that lucky).

I don’t understand how one man can be that talented in that many things. He probably just works really, really hard. Also, he’s a genius.

Fuck that guy.