I was already going to vote for her, were she the Democratic nominee. But then I read the transcript of the first Democratic debate, where Bernie — despite how much I enjoy that cantankerous personality — did not acquit himself well, and Hillary showed herself absolutely in command.

Then there was today’s Benghazi hearing. What a spectacularly terrible joke, delivered by a roomful of defective assclowns. Would that we devoted a hearing — and built an entire Congressional committee around — the lies that got us into the Iraq War. (Four people died at Benghazi. Thousands had died in Iraq by 2013.)

Anyway, Hillary behaved in a statesmanlike way. And I’m realizing that the main gripe that anyone has about her — that she is, in some vague way, “untrustworthy” — is entirely a Republican invention; the media have beaten that drum for so many years that few people realize it’s been manufactured from thin air.

I’ll do the appropriate research, and I’ve not 100% made up my mind yet, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that none of the other candidates — in either party — holds a candle to Hillary in accomplishments or command of the issues.