Possible 2017 project: read only old books — December 21, 2016

Possible 2017 project: read only old books

There’s sort of a novelty/innovation fetish in the world (some other time, I will expand upon my loathing for Bay Area startup culture), so it occurs to me that finding ideas which are

  1. old, and
  2. still considered correct

would be a useful corrective to the structure of today’s world.

Makes me want to start casting about among my academic friends to find books that they think are old but still true.

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Remember when flag burning was something people made a big deal about? I suspect that was just a way of distracting people from other, actually important problems. Which is to say that flag burning was to the 1990s as gay marriage was to the 2000s and 2010s. I wonder what the next big distraction will be.